Monday, August 10, 2015

How to Get the Maximum Space in Your Home?

If you are planning to build up your dream house, it is essential to plan well before starting off. Before building up, analyze what kind of a house you need, how many rooms you need and what should be the dimension of each room according to your needs. Accordingly, you must plan up the structure. If you are looking for a space to construct your dream house, you can check for plots in Hoskote near Bangalore.

big space-saving ideas for small homes

A good home is one that strikes the perfect balance between necessary furniture and appropriate space to move around. Everybody wishes to have enough space in their house even after stocking a lot of their essential furniture. A spacious house is always welcoming. Nobody wants to visit a house that is cluttered. Whatever space you have available in each room, we bring you some easy ways to optimize them to get enough space in your house.

Living room

Using dual-purpose furniture is the best way to optimize space in the living room. Purchase or construct furniture that can be used for more than one operation. For example, a sofa or ottoman that folds out into a bed or couches that have built-in storage underneath or at the backside. You can have a centre table with drawers in-built to accommodate a lot of your stuff. All this can save you from having a messy living room and yet have all the stuff you need in hidden places.


A bedroom is a place where you can have the most comfort level. If it is cluttered or messy, you want be able to feel relaxed. Just like the living room, you must also use multi-functional furniture in your bedrooms. You can have a bed that has roll-out drawers underneath it so that you can use the entire space that lies below the huge bed. Instead of using a bed, you can purchase a futon that provides a bed-cum-sofa or you can have a sofa bed for a formal look. This will give you maximum space when you do not want to sleep. The best way to create a large bedroom appearance is by installing a Murphy bed. This will give you complete floor access when you don’t need the bed. Organize your closets so that all your vertical space is used efficiently. The more you can store in your closets, the less you will have to store in the bedroom, and the less messy your room will appear.


A kitchen needs to be functional, comfortable and interesting for the person working in it. One should be comfortable in the space he/she is going to cook in. Install vertical shelves on the walls to stock your most commonly used spices and create overhead storage for pots and pans. Install pull-out drawers so that you can easily roll them out and have more storage space within the drawers. Utilize all possible spaces for drawers or cabinets like under the countertops and sink. Consider having a pull-out countertop under the original counter that can be used when extra space is needed.


In mid-range houses, a bathroom is generally the tiniest part of the house. You may be finding ways to place your entire range of toiletries in the tiny room by using minimal space. Here are a few ways you can do so. Utilize the space under the wash basin by creating a cabinet or drawers. Instead of hanging a mirror over the wash basin, consider hanging a cabinet mirror that lets you store your toiletries behind the mirror. Use the walls to hang a hook series to hold bathroom equipments that can be hung. Attach horizontal bars to hang towels and napkins. Hang a shower curtain that has pockets where you can store some bath items.

Utilizing all the space in your house efficiently will bring you a larger house effect even if you are living in a small house. So, whether you are looking to renovate your old house or want to purchase a new one, don’t worry about not being able to have a big apartment or villa. All you need to know is how to cleverly use the space you have. Contact Adisesh Projects if you are looking for the best villas in Hoskote near Bangalore.

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