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Decorating can be a fun activity to do to pass the time. Transforming the interiors of your condo can be an enjoyable and rewarding time for yourself. Sometimes, it can be done with your partner or with friends.

How to Decorate Your Condo

Bonifacio Global City offers an abundant amount of options for condos where you can explore and invigorate your creativity. In choosing your place, ask the management if there are policies when it comes to decorating the interiors of the condo. Ask the management for limitations in redecorating the apartment's interiors.

If there are no issues with decorating the interior of the condo or when you are aware of the boundaries of your creativity, you can start. Call your friends or start a discussion with your partner and then, begin your art escapade.

Your condo is part of your identity - a reflection of you and how you live your life. It's a distinct impression of your personality and lifestyle. So, it's an understanding that your home is an extension of your hold in this world. To make it a direct vision of yourself (and your partner, if you have one), here are the top four do-it-yourself decorating tips you can use for your condo.

1. Gather different and random ideas

condo decorating ideas living room

The Internet has opened a chasm for diverse interests and ideas for many people. Over the years, the websites are increasing, and the ideas generated in the sites are growing. Wherever you look on the Internet, you can find plenty of inspirations and design ideas that might fit your desired outcome.

Besides the Internet, you can also round up concepts from lifestyle magazines and booklets. You can even try asking some friends for their ideas. After getting all the materials that might spark an idea for your condo, you choose the best of best. At the end of the day, your chosen design (the best one, of course) reflects you and your home.

2. The radiance of the lights

Keeping the rooms illuminated by the use of natural light is a perfect way to make the room prettier. Also, the light serves as a courier of good energy to start a new day. In fact, according to Chinese Feng Shui, rays of sunshine brings good luck to your homes.

If your door has glass panels, utilize to bring the rays of light into your space. Have thin and light colored drapes on your door panel instead of the thick, basic colored ones. Opening doors for natural light and fresh air can also help you save electricity as the room will be well-lit.

Your room can also have sheer drapes as covering the windows so that natural light can dwell inside the room. Also, fasten some eccentric hanging objects (e.g. dreamcatcher) on your window to add color. As much as possible, permit the light to come through your place.

3. Be accurate with your color scheme

small condo living room decorating ideas

Sticking with a particular color scheme will help you finish your designs better. And it also makes decision making on the interior designs easier, since you have a guide on what to accomplish.

There exists a 3-color rule which will be effective for your interior design idea. In this rule, you have to choose one primary color and two complementary shades. An example for this would be choosing green as your primary color and having yellow and white as your complementary shades. The choices for these color patterns are endless, but it should complement all the other colors in the mix.

Don't opt for anything too dark, always have bright and dark-colored mixed into the design. Some crisp and refreshing choices could be aqua blue, mint green, and salmon. Always keep in mind, this is your home and design, pick the ones comfortable to you and at the same time, looks admirable.

4. Your statement piece

In your space, there should be some mark that signifies your title in the place. There should be balance with the furniture in your condo as it's what the visitors see when they enter the home. Mismatched furniture would warrant stress for people in the room.

Besides that, add some touch of something that’s significantly yours. You could put a flower vase or some antique ornament into your living space to represent you.

And that’s the four do-it-yourself tips for decorating your condo and making it truly yours. In all those things mentioned, always love the changes you’re doing with your place.
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