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Tips for Growing Strawberry in Hanging Strawberry Planter

If you want to grow strawberries but do not have enough space, you can grow them by hanging strawberry planter. It also looks beautiful. You can move the planter easily without any hamper of your strawberry plants during the hot or cold weather to keep your plant well. It is a simple way to grow some strawberries within a small space. You should hang the planter in a safe place where your plants can get enough water, sunlight, fertilizer and enough care.

Growing Strawberry in Hanging

Tips for hanging strawberry planter

There are some ways to grow strawberry plants. In the case of small space, you can grow them in the container. Before planting strawberry, you should consider some things and follow some tips.


Strawberry plants need a lot of sunlight. The plant will give you the sweet and large strawberry if it gets sunlight for 8-12 hours. The pots can make the soil much warmer. So, create the environment which is suitable and tolerable for the plants.


You will use any suitable pots as the hanging strawberry planter. You can buy the plant grow bags or flower tower or pots from the garden stores.


The planter can get heavy after filling it with soil. Choose the soil that can hold water, have good air circulation. You can also add some fertilizer and then mix it with the soil properly. The soil must be acidic.

Planting time

You should plant your strawberry plants during the early spring with a little cold of winter. Some plants of strawberry can plant throughout the years.


You will find two types of strawberry plants named June-bearing and Ever-bearing. The ever-bearing will grow through the summer season but the June-bearing will grow in the early summer. The June-bearing plants will give you more strawberries.

At first, fill the pot with soil. Then water it slowly and make sure that the water absorbed throughout the soil. Now plant the strawberry plants by tacking them into the holes. Then again water slowly.


Hanging strawberry planter is not a hard process. You can use wire or chain and tie them with the planters. Then hang the planters in the place as your wish.


During watering hanging strawberry planter, you should be careful. You can use a soda bottle with a spike attaching to it to water the plants. Slowly flow water and be patience. You can check the moisture of the soil with your finger.  Do not over-water the plant. So, if you want to grow strawberry in hanging strawberry planter, you should check the moisture level of the soil.


Strawberry plants need a lot of nitrogen. Compost fertilizer is good for the strawberry plant. But do not give fertilizer when the fruits come. You can also other vegetables and fruit materials.

vegetables and fruit materials

When your strawberries become fully red, pick the fruits. Morning is the best time of picking the strawberry.  Strawberries can bruise easily. So, carefully pick the fruits. Then place the fruits gently in the container. Do not store the damaged barriers because the damaged fruits get rotten quickly. You can store the strawberry 4 or 5 days in the refrigerator.

It is not hard to grow strawberries in the hanging strawberry planter. If you follow the guidelines and the steps carefully, you will enjoy strawberries of your own. It will give you much pleasure and increase the beauty of your yard, home or garden. The reason for having a short life, you need to replace the strawberry plants after every three years.

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