Saturday, July 1, 2017

Makati: The Perfect Place for Real Estate Investments

Makati gained popularity during the early 2000s when many investors from the IT industry decided to populate the city. Skyscrapers, such as commercial and residential buildings then rose after. Countless Makati condos for rent then flooded the advertisements. If people give their analysis to this progress, perhaps they can say that more and more people are investing on Makati.

For the benefit of those who do not know, Makati City is a progressive city in the heart of Metropolitan Manila. It is currently the top financial hub of the Philippines, seconded by Cebu City. It might be popular also by its famous politicians, but this city is of humble and inspiring beginnings.

Why is it perfect to invest in Makati City? Well, check out these ten reasons why it is a must to invest in this progressive city:

1. Any business investment is going to work out! Do you wish to sell goods? Do you want to put up a luxury restaurant? Are you planning to make a store out of your imported clothes from abroad? Are you planning to do real estate and do Makati condos for rent? Those are all possible in Makati.

2. Real estate investment is perfect in Makati, whether you are investing in that commercial space for your business or to have it rented by other companies. Whether you are buying a condominium for your home or whether you are having it rented, any option is profitable. Makati condos for rent or a mortgage are always going to be in demand. The reason is that the increase of occupants Makati is attracting from around the country.

3. Affordable real estate investments offers are many in Makati. If you are on a tight budget, living in Makati is still not a problem. Since Makati properties are in demand, real estate producers are flooding the area. Thus, it is not impossible to find the most affordable and reasonable property to rent or invest unto.

4. Do you hate traffic? Well, Makati is alien to traffic. Some people even say that Makati is like the Philippines’ Japan. Smooth and traffic-free roads. If you want a daily life like that, you should invest in a home in the heart of this city.

5. Do you want to work near your home? Well, work and live in Makati where you can easily reach your job by having a 15-minute carefree walk. Jobs are no problem in Makati since there are many industries present in the heart of the city. As you find your job there, find your next luxurious home there as well.

6. Foodie? Many restaurants, malls, and marts are available in Makati. If you invest in a home in Makati, you will never be worried about what food is available to you at a near distance. There is always something yummy to eat nearby.

7. Do you always want to go to weekend getaways? Well, if you live in Makati, which is in the heart of Metro Manila, it is easier to travel to tourist spots. Ilocos is just a couple of hours away. Driving to Batangas and Laguna is also very possible. This city is very near to places that can help you unwind every weekend.

8. Are you studying in Manila City or any other universities in the Metro? That’s not a problem! If you live in Makati, it is not going to be troublesome to go to and fro your campuses. Makati condos for rent are also very affordable for students.

9. Working outside Makati? Not a problem! You will reach your workplace on time. Given that there are not much traffic in the city, it is very easy to commute if personal transport in not available.

10. Lastly, real estate investments in Makati has low depreciation value. That is because of how strategic the investments are. People will always want to own a place in Makati. Thus, there are always going to be potential buyers or renters for your condominium investment.

Having a progressive city such as Makati is a blessing to Metro Manila. It does not only helps NCR economically, but it also provides opportunities and comfort to the people. As opportunist investors, be wise and invest in Makati now!
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