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Aadhaar mandatory for social schemes 2017

From being just a voluntary document that was meant to serve the proof of identity and address anywhere in India, Aadhaar, a 12 digit unique identification number (UAN) is now fast becoming government’s base for public welfare & citizen services.
Aadhaar mandatory for social schemes

It is used as the universal identity card that can verify your age, address, identity, etc when applying for any government service. Listed below are some government schemes 2017 wherein the use of Aadhaar card is mandatory:-

1. Pension: Aadhaar card has proved to be a blessing for senior citizens as it helps them get their pension money on time. Earlier, the documentation process was time consuming, which created a lot of inconvenience and delay for the senior citizens in getting their pension money. Thanks to Aadhaar card to make their life sorted. Now, instead of going through a long documentation process each month, the pensioners need to only register their Aadhaar number to ensure timely pay-outs each month.

2. Income tax: When it comes to verifying your income tax file returns, Aadhaar card helps people cut down documentation needs. Using Aadhaar card to verify ITR is both simple and convenient. All you need to do is:

A. Login to the e-filing website using your PAN number, and link your Aadhaar number to it.
B. Choose an option to generate an Aadhaar OTP, which will be sent to your registered mobile number.
C. You can use this code to verify your ITR. You can also use Aadhaar to verify your IT return uploaded on an earlier date.

3. Aadhaar card mandatory for Provident Fund disbursement: Aadhaar has also eased the process of PF disbursement. Earlier, the process to get the PF money was complicated and time consuming. However, now the process has become quicker and simpler because of Aadhaar card. Once the pensioner links their Aadhaar with their pension account, the Aadhaar card will ensure that the provident fund is directly disbursed to their account.

4. LPG & other subsidies: With Aadhaar card, you can now get your LPG subsidy in your bank account. For this, you simply have to provide your Aadhaar number. In fact, not just LPG but all other government subsidies will reach you directly through Aadhaar card. With Aadhaar, now, you don’t need to register for every government benefit. 

5. Digital life certificates: The Jeevan Praman for pensioners or the digital life certificate, as it is widely known, is an initiative took by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. This initiative eliminates the need of pensioners to be physically present in order to receive a pension. Digital life certificates allow elderly members to get their pension money without leaving home as their details can be easily accessed by the bank through their Aadhaar number.

6. Aadhaar mandatory for Passport acquisition: The acquisition of passport has always been a daunting task that takes a lot of time. But with the help of Aadhaar card, the process is now simpler. Anyone willing to get a passport can submit an application online for the same by simply attaching their Aadhaar card as the only resident and ID proof along with the application. Within three days, they will receive an appointment and within seven days, the processing and dispatching of the passport will be completed. Police verification checks can then be scheduled on the later date. All in all, with Aadhaar card you can get your passport within 10 days. 

7. Aadhaar mandatory for bank accounts: As announced by the Supreme Court, any person planning to open a bank account has to provide their Aadhaar number along with their PAN (Income tax permanent account number) as a valid address and photo ID proof. In addition, all existing account holders have been asked to submit Aadhaar to their respective banks by December 31, 2017, to continue the services. If they fail to do so, their accounts will become invalid.

These are quite a few social schemes where Aadhaar is mandatory. So if your Aadhaar card application is still pending, you should soon get it done to avail the unlimited benefits that this simple card can provide.
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