Thursday, October 5, 2017

Why Writing with Emotion Is Key

The world is ruled by emotions. The fate of civilization is in the possession of human beings. How do you think how many emotions a person can experience? Psychologists talk about a few basic emotions. They include gladness, anger, sorrow, surprise, disgust, shame, guilt. And every emotion has the scale of tints. For example, the different degree of fear has the name: fright-fear-horror-panic. The same applies to otheremotions. If to count up all emotional tints which a man is able to experience, it is possible to count 84 000 (!) emotions and states.

A Few Words About Importance of Emotions in Our Life

Exactly emotions are those paints which create the picture of our days. They determine how you will estimate your previous days and years looking forward to your past.  Those events that were not emotionally colored are quickly forgotten. We only remember things that are significant and evoke strong emotions.

Emotions are an integral part of life, like breathing. They allow us to:

·         adapt to the surrounding environment and survive;
·         set up a contact with other living entities;
·         regulate the behavior;
·         specify the mood and inner state.

Emotions allow us to experience reality. It is possible to say that we always look at the world through the magnifying glass of emotions. If we have pleasant emotions, it seems to us that the world is kind and wonderful, and all people around us are exceptionally good and friendly. If we look through the magnifying glass in bad temper, it seems to us that all around us is gloomy and hostile, and surrounding space is rather unpleasant. The famous professor of psychology Carroll Izard considers that «emotions determine the way of life and set the programs of cognition and conduct.» This also explains the importance of emotions in the written text that we read.

Emotional Text

Text plays an enormous role. It determines a mood and an attitude toward the world. Sometimes it is enough to show a few good emotions in order to change a mental state of a persona, to make him happier, kinder and better. But the main thing is to make him more loyal, and it is known and used by marketers and copywriters. The secret is simple here: if the visitors on your site rest, read pleasant, bright and unique texts, it will be far pleasant for them to make purchases. The well-written article without plagiarism is able to manage the emotions of a potential buyer and his mood. It is not easy to transfer a mood with the help of the worlds, it is better to feel it for yourself, and nothing is able to cope with it better than a well-written text. The text that was written by a professional is easier to read than the rewrite in the third stage. Of course, it should be not only emotional but also unique that can be confirmed with the help of plagiarism checker. A grey text is already a long ago out of fashion, and it brings no effect, except for disappointment. Therefore, if you want to change the mood of your visitors and increase your conversions, the best way is to create emotional articles. Such a copy will cause the mass of positive emotions in your potential buyers. These can be smiles and laughter or serious, restrained beauty, landscape and portraits, advance-guard and classic style; you are able to create truly interesting content for your resource.

A Vivid Example

Manufacturers of cosmetics have long excelled in the art of "emotional texts." The myth of "smooth and elastic skin," "thick, shiny hair" and "beautiful smile" is sold better than a dry description of the composition of the product and data about the manufacturer. Negative emotions can also cause genuine interest in a particular person, product or service. Sometimes an article in the "yellow press" or an angry comment on the forum work better than an expensive advertising campaign.
Thus, an emotion is the main impulse to make a purchase or conclude a transaction of any kind!
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