Sunday, May 14, 2017

Half Rim Eyeglasses- Popular Style for Spectacle Users

Because of ongoing innovation in prescription eyeglasses, today, you have three different kinds of frames- rimless, half rim and full rim. Every style has its own significance and the style you want to buy totally depends on your personal preference. Like, if you want to look more mature, opt for rimless frames and if you want to make your face look bold and attractive, full rim eyeglasses are best.

Half Rim Eyeglasses- Popular Style for Spectacle Users

However, did you know about what semi-rimless or half rim frames can do you? If you have already tried them, you know better and those who have not yet, here are some great reasons to buy half rim spectacle frames.

You can wear half rim eyeglasses for a professional look
It is a blend of features of both- rimless and full rim eyeglasses
They are a top trending styles these days
The half rim design at the top adds a more striking look to your face and brings all the attention on the upper part of your face
They are light in weight as compared to full rim deigns
They are a choice of creative people, students and even businessmen

Like other two styles, you will find half rim spectacle frames too in almost all shapes and design. Whether you are looking to buy classic rectangular or square frames, oval frames, round frames, horn-rimmed or tortoise shell pattern, you will find your favorite half rim eyeglasses in all these shapes.

But before selecting any style, first analyse your face shape and then buy the appropriate pair.
At Coolwinks, a top online eyewear platform, you will find multiple color options available in all kinds of eyeglasses. Like full rim glasses, half rim and rimless frames for women and men. Brands selling these frame designs at Coolwinks are Graviate, XSTYL, XSTYL BLU, etc. In addition to these, there are power sunglasses and fashion sunglasses too. Does not matter, whether you are looking to buy a formal, quirky or a sporty pair, you will never get disappointed because the collection is huge.

Once you know your face shape, you can find the right frame style, be it pilot eyeglasses, oversized eyeglasses, rectangular or more.

Best prices, infinite choices in high quality eyewear are only available here at this mega online platform. Browse through the catalog, splurge in your favorite pairs and make your own style statement.
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